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Winwin is a new comprehensive consulting approach for small and medium-sized businesses as well as corporations. Its services cover from Financial Planning & Analysis, Operating Management Control, to Business Structures and Processes Design and Implementation. These are targeted to make companies more efficient, competitive and successful.

Our background in managing multinational organizations and market best practices is made available to a wide range of companies. We provide tailor-made solutions to boost their development and growth.


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Temporary and permanent international assignments of personnel are one of the biggest challenges faced by organizations undergoing in international business. It is essential to set up policies and practices that combine the interests of the organization as well as the individual, while integrate variables of different nature.

  • We design and provide assistance on the implementation of international employee assignment policies to meet the organization’s interests and minimize costs.
  • We provide counseling on the immigration law of the countries where employees are transferred to, so they can work within a legal framework.
  • We advise on how estimate tax differential costs and implement a tax equalization policy to ensure that the expatriate assignment is “tax neutral” to the employee, while reducing overall tax burden for the company.
  • We also provide advice on how to keep compliance with statutory and tax requirements, and perform an adequate risk management assessment. 


Today, one of the greatest challenges – and the greatest opportunity areas – for a multinational company is the efficient management of local and foreign taxes to fit the business goals and operations. Global economy calls for a close relationship between tax and commercial operations in order to maximize tax efficiency opportunities.

  • We provide tax advice on how to comply with corporate tax obligations applied to cross border transactions.
  • We provide tax planning services for complex business transactions, which involves cross border use of personnel and the provision of services across different countries.
  •  We advise on how to maximize use of International Tax Treaty benefits and incentives, to reduce tax burden.
  • We advise tax managers on the implementation of technical assistance, technology transfer and intellectual property agreements among intra-group entities, and how to deal with registration processes with government authorities. 


The legal restructuring of a company includes mergers, acquisitions, stock sales and transfer of business goodwill. In all these cases, it is necessary to have prior knowledge of the relevant legal and economic information of the company to be restructured, as well as an adequate tax planning to maximize restructuring benefits.

1. “Due Diligence”

  • We plan and conduct relevant “Due Diligence” processes in order to meet our customers´ interests. The relevant areas of concern may include the financial, legal, labor, and tax situation of the company. This goes from the initial relevant requirements (check list), finding analysis to a final report on the market value of the target deal.   

2. Fiscal Planning

  • We work, together with Management,  on the design of tax efficient structures to maximize utilization or offset of pre-existing tax credits the acquired company may have.


Companies can get competitive advantages and develop new business opportunities by means of an efficient use of information technologies. However, to implement the right information system does not guarantee quick results. It is necessary to find the right procedures to maintain those advantages and make resources, products and services stand out from those of the competitors.


  • We advise our customers on the selection of suitable technologies and services. The investment on these business tools will result in greater added value and with an affordable risk.
  • With our strategic IT partners, we can conduct with Management a review of the current technology environment, identify company´s needs, and draw up an overall recommendation plan. 


  • We advise our customers on the most suitable systems to meet their information requirements from the financial, operational, and management perspective.
  • We make recommendations on the necessary hardware and network infrastructure, with an aim to achieve a right balance between investment and requirements. 


  • We encourage employees´ active participation in the implementation of new IT project with the aim to get them engaged, thus ensuring changes are implemented and project goals are fulfilled
  • We provide project management services to help organizations in executing a wide range of business solutions and software applications to improve their performance.  



An organization is a dynamic structure, whose relationships, communication channels, decision processes and procedures must evolve along with periodically updated objectives. There must be flexible processes, best practices and efficient procedures to ensure the achievement of the desired goals.

1. Organizational Structure

  • We review and redesign the organizational structure model to meet company´s mission and strategies.
  • We focus on setting up formal and informal communication channels so relevant information will flow freely among the different areas. This will have a highly positive impact on the decision-making process.
  • We offer counseling to businessmen on how to overcome a growth crisis, by providing them with the right tools so they can keep focus on the ongoing review of the business. 

2. Business Processes

  • We make recommendations to improve operating efficiency and increase productivity through standardized processes, implementation of best practices, reallocation of resources, targeted to achieve goals and improvement of internal communication.
  • We help organizations identify and eliminate activities with low or zero added value, redundant processes, lower idle operating costs, etc.
  • We help Management to implement operational improvements, and successfully handle the change process that eases employee engagement, to ensure a smooth result.  

3. Shared Services

  • We have wide experience in conducting finance transformation programs, and implementing purchasing and human resources shared operations. Therefore, we know exactly how to conduct this type of initiatives in a successfully manner and for different industries.
  • We develop the business case together with the Management. To this end, we use a methodological approach which considers present  processes, new service models, transition plans, technological requirements, localization analysis, economic assessment, as well as the rationale behind the change; and we make a final recommendation on the most suitable path to choose. 

4. Internal control

  • After making an early assessment of the internal control environment and organizational risk situation, we recommend the corrective actions to be implemented.
  • We map out internal control activities based on the type of company and the complexity of the processes. We focus on a cost-effective policy that would allow for more efficient resource allocation. 
  • We conduct regular operating audits, including Sarbanes-Oxley reviews, which ensure the right application of the implemented internal controls. This makes the yearly review process simpler, especially for companies that must have audited financial statements.


Management efficiency is one of the most critical factors towards achieving enterprise goals and objectives. Identify and implement activities that allow an appropriate use of resources is essential. Furthermore, timely and reliable information provide good understanding of company operations and makes the decision-making process a lot easier.

1. Operating Planning

  • We help companies develop and implement annual operating plans, by means of a comprehensive approach, which is properly aligned with medium and long-term goals. This is achieved by coordinating the actions of the different areas and assessing the variables affecting the process.
  • We analyze how changes in market conditions may influence the business, and assess adjustments to be made to the operating plan in view of the expected impacts, so as to reach the desired goals.  

2. Profitability Analysis

  • We help companies develop and implement management accounting models to measure profits by line of business, department and /or project.
  • We help businessmen and company executives understand and include the break-even concept in their assessments and make qualitative analysis of costs and expenses. 

3. Management control

  • We assist organizations in the implementation of scorecards and other management reports to help them monitor how operating performance translates into financial metrics and keep organization aligned and focused on results oriented strategies.
  • We help organizations identify both tangible and intangible Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), which combine customers´ views, capability and operating performance and the value created by the company for their owners and shareholders.
  • We interpret and analyze those indicators and focus on early detection of gaps that require action plans to reallocate resources in order to achieve the desired goals. 


Investing and financing decisions must be jointly assessed, and be devised as part of a global financial plan so as to increase company value. It is highly important that organizations keep flexible to ensure operating continuity and take advantage of new opportunities. We take care of all project stages and aim at achieving an efficient use of resources.

1. Capital Investment Project Assessment

  • We analyze the economic-financial viability of investment projects, opportunity costs and return of investment (ROI), key factors towards making the right decisions and minimizing risk
  • We help companies decide how much to invest and on which assets by means of a thorough analysis of the available project finance alternatives.
  • We help companies improve the use of their financial resources in order to ensure operating continuity.

2. Financial Planning and Analysis

  • With Management, we develop and implement a global plan targeted to reach the company´s financial goals. This implies an ongoing evaluation of market variables, with an aim to contribute to the decision-making process and carry out the strategy agreed upon.  
  • We help companies interpret and assess basic financial ratios -liquidity, leverage, profitability, market value, etc. We analyze tendencies in order to determine the company´s financial position and market risk. 

3. Cash Flow Forecast

  • We work together with those responsible for making financial decisions to evaluate short-term monthly cash provisions and make plans for the adequate use of cash surplus.
  • We prioritize operating continuity so as to minimize invested capital cost. This is achieved by means of an adequate management of accounts receivable and inventory levels.
  • We help companies develop and manage the cash flow forecast so they can easily meet their operating cash requirements. 

Rubén Shekerdemian

Director Winwin

Rubén Shekerdemian is a Certified Public Accountant with a bachelor degree from Universidad of Buenos Aires. He holds a Master Degree on Strategic Administration from Universidad de Belgrano, Argentina. He has over 25 years of experience in corporate finance and international taxation, having performed as senior manager for multinational corporations as well as medium-sized companies.


At Winwin, he leads a team of experienced consultants who help organizations achieve their goals and use their resources in an efficient manner, by applying best practices in the market.


Not only do we know “what to do” but also “how to do it”.  Having held executive roles in major organizations, they have wide experience in making decisions and taking risks, a valuable asset to offer the companies seeking their consulting services.